Frequently Asked Questions

To buy, sell and post listings on the platform, members of the AgroDomain community do not need to provide their bank accounts or BVN number to be stored on our system. AgroDomain uses an inbuilt e-Wallet system for purposes of all transactions. Every registered user of the platform is assigned an e-Wallet account through which he can execute all financial transactions. However, the e-Wallet must be funded either through direct transfer from your bank account or other channels like Credit or Debit cards before a BUY or FUND transaction can be completed.

AgroDomain takes your security very seriously. We have numerous security measures in place to help safeguard your confidential information. From sophisticated encryption processes to off-site storage of confidential information, we have taken every step possible to provide you peace of mind.

How do I make a payment on AgroDomain? All payments on AgroDomain are via the in-built eWallet System. The platform only accepts electronic payments. Via the eWallet. If you are adding a business account and do not currently have the ability to make an EFT or ACH payment through your bank, you will need to contact your branch to find out about these services. If you have any questions please contact AgroDomain Customer Support

The AgroDomain currently system supports buying and selling in 9 sub-saharan african countries and currencies which are Nigeria (Naira), Ghana (Cedis), Kenya (Kenya Shillings), South Africa (Rand), Tanzania (Tanzanian Shilling), Rwanda (Rwandan Franc), Uganda (Ugandan Shilling), Sierra Leone (Sierra Leonean leaone) and Zambia (Zambian Kwacha). To complete a transaction, you must have sufficient amount in your AgroDomain eWallet. We do not need your bank account as all transactions on the platform are via the inbuilt eWallet accounts. Plans are however under way to provide the ability to transact in multiple currencies in the nearest future date.

All registered users are required to provide true and accurate information when registering. By clicking “I Agree” or “I Accept” you represent and warrant to us and other users that information about yourself and your product listings is true, and that you are financially viable. Failure to provide true, accurate and factual information may result in the cancellation of contracts, suspension of your account, or even termination of your account from the platform. Please see the User Agreement for information on representations and warranties relating to user information, product information, use of the platform and services. All Sellers on AgroDomain go through a KYC verification process and require approval before they can commence listing to sell offers on the platform.

Please contact AgroDomain Support by logging into your account and filling out the priority support form (for subscribed users) on the User Dashboard. If you are not on Support, you can also contact us by filling out and submitting the Enquiry/Feedback form located on Contact at the footer, or by Live Chat (which can be accessed at the bottom of any page on the AgroDomain platform and we will be happy to direct you to qualified staff member who can answer your questions.

The User Agreement sets out the rules governing your relationship with us. The Transaction Terms and Conditions set out the rules you agree to when entering into buy/sell transactions with other users.

We have built in security measures to help safeguard your confidential information. Our off-site storage of confidential information is provided to ensure an additional level of security. We have taken every step possible to provide you peace of mind. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information regarding your personal information.

If we have reasonable grounds to believe you have breached the User Agreement or Transaction Terms and Conditions, we may suspend or cancel your account, including all outstanding contracts, and may take further action against as listed in the User Agreement. These measures ensure the trust and integrity of all our users.

If you suspect unauthorized activity please immediately notify the account superuser in addition to contacting AgroDomain Support at our, email at, or by LiveChat (which can be accessed at the bottom of any page on the AgroDomain platform). By clicking “I Agree” when registering, you agree that we are not liable for any loss, damage, actions, claim or liabilities that may occur from your use of the platform, including the posting and display of your personal and product information.

Post a buy listing with or without a purchase price. You can also post a listing anonymously up to the point when a contract is formed. Once a contract is formed, both parties are revealed to each other. A buy listing is an invitation to negotiate with potential sellers. A seller may respond to your buy listing with a sell offer. You then have the opportunity to counter-offer. You are under no obligation to accept a sell offer or counter offer unless you click “I Accept”.

No. All posted listings are anonymously done, meaning that neither your name nor address will be shown. Only the product information, geographical region where the cattle reside, and your feedback rating (without detailed comments) will be displayed in the listing.

Yes, however as soon as the contract is completed the identity of both parties is revealed (only to each other). Please keep in mind the counter-party to your transaction may make it a condition of the contract that you reveal your identity before the contact is completed. You can then choose to reveal your identity or withdraw from negotiations.

A binding contract is formed when a buyer clicks “I Accept” to a sell offer Contract, or, a seller or buyer click “I Accept” to a counter-offer Contract. For more information on this please refer to the Transaction Terms and Conditions, or contact AgroDomain Support at our toll free number 1(844) AGRICLR (247-4257), email at, or by LiveChat (which can be accessed at the top of any page on the AgroDomain platform) for further assistance.

You may go back and forth with counter-offers as many times as it takes to come to an agreement. You are under no obligation to click “I Accept” if the terms being negotiated do not meet your needs.

As long as the offer or counter-offer Contract document has not been accepted by you or your counter-party it may be withdrawn. Please contact AgroDomain Support at our email at, or by Live Chat (which can be accessed at the top of any page on the Agrodomain platform), for further assistance.

Contact AgroDomain Support at our email at, or by LiveChat (which can be accessed at the bottom of any page on the AgroDomain platform). You expected to thoroughly review the Contract document and the contract term sheet on receipt of same to identify the error and notify the buyer or seller and AC in the manner outlined in the Transaction Terms and Conditions before accepting. If all required parties do not object to the terms of the contract as specified in the term sheet, the contract will be deemed to be correct. If the buyer and seller agree that there is an error, the contract will be amended. If the parties cannot agree, the contract will enter the dispute resolution process.

A contract may be terminated, but only if the buyer and seller both agree. If the buyer and seller cannot agree to the termination of the contract, both parties are still legally bound by the contract terms. Contact AgroDomain Support at our, email at, or by LiveChat (which can be accessed at the bottom right of any page on the AgroDomain platform), for further assistance.

You can contact the buyer or seller through the platform and request an amendment to an existing term. The terms of a contract may be amended as long as both the buyer and seller agree to the amendments. If the buyer and seller cannot agree to amend the contract, both parties are still legally bound by the contract terms. Please contact AgroDomain Support at our, email at, or by LiveChat (which can be accessed at the bottom right corner of any page on the AgroDomain platform), for further assistance.

If you do not meet the requirements that you agreed to in the contract you will be in breach of that contract. The buyer or seller you are in contract with may try to contact you through the platform and the two of you may negotiate a new contract, or, seek assistance through the user dispute resolution process. Alternatively, the buyer or seller may choose not to resolve the issue through the user dispute resolution process but may instead take legal action. When selecting “I Agree” when you first register to use the platform, you acknowledged that we have the right to suspend, or terminate the account for any user who violates the User Agreement and/or the Transaction Terms and Conditions.

The dispute resolution process is available to all users to help resolve all sorts of issues between buyers and sellers. Refer to appendix B of the Transaction Terms and Conditions – User Dispute Resolution Process. Once you submit a request for dispute resolution services, an AgroDomain representative will contact you and your counterparty via the platform to assist in finding a resolution. If you are dissatisfied with our determination the matter may be settled by arbitration. Please note, additional charges to the buyer and seller will be incurred and charged for arbitration services.

Once a request has been made, an AgroDomain representative will review it and contact both parties through the platform to help facilitate a resolution. Throughout the process our representative will be in contact with you to provide updates on the status of your dispute until a decision is made. Alternatively you may contact AgroDomain Support at our email at, or by LiveChat (which can be accessed at the top of any page on the AgroDomain platform), for additional information.

Each contact is subject to the Transaction Terms and Conditions and ultimately by the related Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Refer to Appendix C to the User Agreement – AC Default and Disputes with AC. You have a right to make a demand for payment in accordance with the terms set out in Appendix C. You may contact AgroDomain Support at our, email at, or by LiveChat (which can be accessed at the bottom right corner of any page on the AgroDomain platform), for further assistance.

Your relationship with us is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. However, we may apply for injunctive relief in your jurisdiction or may bring an action against you in your jurisdiction, to collect any money or damages owing by you for breach of this agreement or the Transaction Terms and Conditions.

Any complaints, notices or demands made against us must be made in writing and sent to either our office in Nigeria to the attention of Legal Department. Should you need assistance please contact AgroDomain Support at our email at, or by LiveChat which can be accessed at the bottom right corner of any page on the platform.

Derogatory, mean spirited, offensive and inappropriate language is not an acceptable form of feedback and will be removed by our administration team. We encourage users to provide reflective feedback on their experience but please keep your comments respectful and relevant. Contact AgroDomain Support at our email at, or by LiveChat (which can be accessed at the bottom right corner of any page on the platform), to report feedback comments expressed in poor taste.

In achieving our objective, Agrodomain provides end-to-end support across the agricultural value chain by empowering agricultural industry players, irrespective of their size, with direct access to the market through bringing digital transformation that provides agricultural ecosystem in Nigeria in particular and the entire sub-saharan Africa in general.

We are a team of passionate individuals, who have come from the Business, Agriculture and Technology sector. Our common goal is to seek ways to impact on small holder farmers, contribute to the growth of food production, improve food security in Nigeria, and to ensure smooth direct market access for farmers in Nigeria.

Joining is easy! All you are required to do is to click on the ‘Sign up’ button on the top right corner of the page. You will be directed to a page that requires you to sign up using either your existing email address. An authentication email will be sent to your personal email address, confirm your email address, and automatically you get AgroDomain Profile Page. Please fill in all the details required to reap the benefits of our platform.

Yes, you can invite friends from Facebook or any other social media platform to join you on AgroDomain.

AgrDomain is a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission as Agrodomain Limited with the Reg. No: RC

Unfortunately, we can only allow accredited members to participate. We suggest creating a free AgroDomain account regardless, so that you will be able to join our pull of farmers benefiting from our farm funding opportunities.

We have a variety of projects involving agriculture. From farmland to livestock, projects will be added, so we recommend signing up for a free account to be notified as new projects are added.

We select projects that we believe offer high returns. We also take a look at market conditions and a variety of other factors.

Login with your email and password. On the website menu bar, click on the post offer, a dropdown will show for you to select farm funding request to proceed.

We select prospective farm owners that we believe will offer high returns to our farm investors. We also take a look at the business plan to ensure that, the selected farmers will deliver.

There are so many reasons! One of the top reasons for our investors is that allocating some portion of your portfolio to a direct investment in farmland may provide you with a reasonably predictable and stable level of current income. You are also investing in the most valuable commodity in the world – food!

That is entirely up to you and what makes the most sense for your personal financial goals. We also advise you consult with your financial adviser.

All investments have some element of risk. Agriculture is generally pretty safe.

No, not at all. You are personally liable only to make your investment. We choose our legal structures to protect investors from personal liability.

Please contact our team here. We will figure out what happened and be in touch with a solution!

Visit our homepage and ‘Sign Up’, to create your unique AgroDomain Profile by providing all the information required. By signing up with your email address Go to our Marketplace and select any category of your choice

  1. Post your offers or Sell your produce
  2. Ensure you capture the right details for your farm product

Receive regular feedback of all offer activities through your dashboard on our website and also through your registered email when someone is interested in your offer.

An offering closes when either the maximum amount of funding has been reached, or an agreement has been struck by the two parties involved either for a farm project or the Marketplace.

You can post a simple offer in AgroDomain for your produce mentioning the following

  1. How much quantity you want to sell
  2. Your offer price
  3. Add descriptions and custom units for more specificity

That’s it. Your post will be seen by potential buyers who want to buy directly from farmers. Get immediate response from prospects across Nigeria and pick the best deal.

No, you cannot modify an offer after you've completed your commitment to sell. If you wish to invest a different amount or make other such modifications, you may cancel your previous investment and make a new investment.

  1. It allows you to collaboratively work with farmers and AgroDomain to achieve food security and most importantly earn Monetary Profits
  2. Contribute to the reduction of the unemployable youths in the country who will be gainfully employed by farmers.

The process to funding farms on the platform are quite seamless.

  1. The process to funding farms on the platform are quite seamless.
  2. Read up more information about the farms, decide on the units/packages of the farm to fund
  3. Select the farms available on the platform
  4. Provide preferred and accurate information in the KYC.

Usually after funding the farms, you get monthly updates to the email address adequately provided upon proving your details on the login dashboard.

Yes, all farms presently receiving fund support from AgroDomain are being insured by leading insurance organizations like Leadway Assurance Company Limited and the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation

AgroDomain has provided insurance cover for all existing farm projects, so that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the sponsor’s capital can be refunded. The insurance covers only the initial sponsorship capital, it does not cover the return after harvest.

Returns are earned on the farm funded upon the completion of the farming period (farm cycle), after the farm produces are being sold and funds received, initial funds with accruing returns will be paid to the investors.

Yes, in many cases, investors or prospective investors can visit a project with prior approval. Please email to see if a farm visit is possible.

Our Head Office is located, Asokoro District, Abuja. Call 09027923159 or you can send us a mail using if you have more information to ask.

All our farms have specific farm cycle period. We have taken into proper consideration the gestation period required for each farm to go from beginning to the harvest stage. To interrupt the growth life cycle of any livestock before maturity, will negatively affect our operations, and we will not be able to ‘terminate’ the farm cycle of any given farm. However, at the end of the stipulated farm cycle, and the Investor has received his farm Investment and returns after harvest, the decision to re-Invest another farm or otherwise, is entirely the Investor’s decision.

It depends on the farm you select, the cycle can run from 6 months to 12 months

The minimum number of farms you can invest in is one (1) unit of any farm, and you can sponsor as many farms as you so choose but this is subject to the farm availability.

AgroDomain has a team of Agriculture professionals and technical partners whose primary responsibility is to ensure that our farms follow standard farm management practices whilst employing the most modern farming techniques, improved seedlings and modern farm equipment; to ensure that we have the best farm yields. We however are not ignorant of the peculiarity of the sector in which we operate, therefore we have taken adequate measures by insuring all our farm projects to mitigate against any unforeseen risks that could lead to loss of the sponsor’s capital.

Yes, your investment may be canceled. When we suspect any form of foul play