The On-Demand Agro Logistic component...


The On-Demand Agro Logistic component, is designed to be a most reliable on- demand delivery and pickup platform for the Agricultural sector. It is a secure and centralized marketplace which enables the onboarding and booking of third-party trucks for purposes of deliveries of agricultural products on location transparent basis. It is a mobile as well as web-based easy to use transportation exchange for the agricultural sector aimed at engendering product delivery convenience and efficiency across the agricultural value chain.

Agro Trucker connects agricultural logistics service providers such as fleet owners /truck drivers and transporters with agro producing and buying entities for efficient pickup, transportation and delivery of agricultural produce /products anywhere around sub-Sahara Africa, at the most cost effective prices. The Agro Trucker also provide users with real-time visibility, cargo-in-transit insurance and proper communication channels.


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