Crop Insurance

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Crop Insurance 11% premium
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Crop Insurance

11% premium

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  • INSURANCE - Subsidized Multi Peril Crop Insurance
  • 12 months
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agricultural insurance protects against loss of or damage to crops or livestock. it has great potential to provide value to low-income farmers and their business

Crop Covered Soya Bean
Coverage Model Comprehensive
Subsidy Value 10
Subsidy Entity
Locations Covered All Loctions
Processes Covered Farming, Harvesting, Produce Storage, Post Harvest Preservation, Processing Trading, Agricultural or Produce Marketing, Agricultural Produce in Store, Processing & Packaging, In-transit, Trading & Provision in Store
Risk Coverage Fire, Flood, Wind, Drought, Impact, Malicious Damage, General Weather, Earthquake, Burglary, Landslide, In-transit Accident
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