Full-automatic Grinder And Mixer For Animal Feed

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Full-automatic Grinder And Mixer For Animal Feed

Available In: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia
₦ 958,139.30 per unit Negotiable
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  • TOOL - Grinders
  • 3 Unit Available
  • Minimum Quantity: Not Specified
  • Offer Valid till Feb 11, 2021
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Brief Introduction This series of machine is based on feed JiaGongHu, chicken farms, pig farms, feed mills, requirements and design of complete sets of feed processing unit, the unit by the feeding machine, crusher, mixer of three parts. Is the current domestic advanced feed processing equipment sold. The use of advanced technology, high quality material, its structure reasonable, modelling beautiful, with the advantages of economical and practical at an organic whole. The efficiency of work efficiency than the similar products to more than double, the product price is the price lower than similar products more than fifty percent. The product to the market after deeply user communities high praise and trust. At the same time, for the majority of users can save a significant amount of capital equipment, bring huge economic benefits. PARAMETER Model Crusher power Mixer power Capacity Volume Size SL-500 7.5KW 3KW 500KG/H 2M2 2000*1050*2500MM SL-750 7.5KW 3KW 750KG/H 3M2 2150*1160*2600MM SL-1000 11KW 4KW 1000KG/H 4M2 2400*1300*2900MM SL-1500 15KW 4KW 1500KG/H 5M2 2500*1400*3000MM SL-2000 15KW 4KW 2000KG/H 6M2 2700*1700*3060MM

Condition New
Brand Haven
Model Ht1
Year Manufactured 2019
Additional Information Not Specified

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Delivery Method Deliver
State I can deliver to All
Internationally Available in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia
International Shipping CIF
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