Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the AgroDomain Platform. In this Privacy Policy, “we”, “us” or “our” refers to AgroDomain Platform and its successors, agents and assigns, while “you”, “your” refers to you and/or any person who subscribes for, uses or authorizes the use of the Service.


  1. As a user of the AgroDomain Platform, you accept this Privacy Policy when you sign up for, or use our products, services, content, technologies or functions offered on our website and all related sites and services (AgroDomain Services).
  2. This Privacy Policy is intended to govern the use of AgroDomain’s Services by users (including, without limitation those who use these Services in the daily course of their trade, practice or business) unless otherwise agreed through contract.
  3. We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time by posting a revised version on our webpages. The revised version will become effective as of the published date. Furthermore, if any revised version includes a substantial change in terms, users shall be informed via a notice posted on the “Policy Updates” page of our website.
  4. Our Privacy Policy explains our user’s privacy rights regarding What information we collect Why we collect such information. The use of such information The storage, sharing and protection of such information.

Collecting Personal Information

AgroDomain or any of its authorized agents may collect your personal information in order to provide you with access and use of AgroDomain’s Services. This information may be collected automatically, via third party sources or as provided by you.

  1. Automatic Information When you use AgroDomain’s Services, AgroDomain or its authorized agent may collect information sent to us by your computer, mobile phone or other access device. The information sent includes, but is not limited to, the following: Data about the pages you access; Computer IP address; Device ID or unique identifier; Device type; Geo-location information; Computer and connection information; Mobile network information; Statistics on page views; Traffic to and from the sites; Referral URL; Ad data and standard web log data and other information. Anonymous information may also be collected through the use of cookies and web beacons.
  2. AgroDomain or any of its authorized agents may collect and store any information which you provide us with when you use AgroDomain’s Services, including When you add information on a web form, Add or update your account information, Participate in community discussions, chats, or dispute resolutions, or When we otherwise correspond with you regarding AgroDomain’s Services.
  3. When you use AgroDomain’s Services, we may also collect information about your transactions and your activities. In addition, when you use AgroDomain’s Services, we may collect the following types of information: Contact information, such your name, address, phone, email and other similar information. Financial information, such as the full bank account numbers and/or Credit/Debit card numbers that you may link to your account.
  4. We may also collect information about you from other sources, such as through your contact with us, your results when you respond to a survey, your interactions with the AgroDomain Platform.
  5. We may also obtain information about you from third parties such as credit bureaus and identity verification services.
  6. Customers may also choose to provide us with access to certain personal information stored by third parties such as social media sites (e.g., Facebook and Twitter). Such information varies by site and is controlled by that site. By associating a third-party account managed by a third party with your AgroDomain account and authorizing AgroDomain to have access to this information, you agree that AgroDomain may store and use this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Accessing Your Personal Information

  1. When accessing our Platform, we may collect information about you and your interactions with AgroDomain’s Services to which we undertake to keep secure and confidential.
  2. We may offer you the ability to connect with AgroDomain’s Services using a mobile device, either through a mobile application (app) or via a mobile optimized website. The provisions of this Privacy Policy apply to all such mobile access and use of mobile devices.
  3. When you download or use our mobile applications, or access one of our mobile optimized sites, we may receive information about your location and your mobile device, including a unique identifier for your device. We may use this information to provide you with location-based services, such as advertising, search results, and other personalized content. Most mobile devices allow you to control or disable location services in the device’s setting’s menu. If you have questions about how to disable your device’s location services, we recommend you contact your mobile service carrier or the manufacture of your particular device.

Use of Personal Information

  1. Personal Information is any information relating to AgroDomain, or any of its Customers, received or held by AgroDomain or its authorized Agent (which has been transferred disclosed or obtained orally, visually, electronically or by any other means) in connection with the Authorized Services and includes, without limitation, personal information concerning the Customer’s Account, the Customer’s transaction information and details and all other information acquired by AgroDomain or its Agent, its employees, affiliates, contractors etc., in connection with the installation, use, operation and maintenance of any system or materials provided by AgroDomain.
  2. AgroDomain collects personal information in order to provide users with a secure, smooth, efficient, and customized experience. Additionally, the information collected may also be used to: Provide AgroDomain Services and customer support; Process transactions and send notices about transactions; Verify customers identity, including during account creation and password reset processes; Resolve disputes, collect fees, and troubleshoot problems; Manage risk, or to detect, prevent, and/or remediate fraud or other potentially prohibited or illegal activities; Detect, prevent or remediate violations of policies or applicable user agreements; Improve AgroDomain’s Services by customizing user experience; Measure the performance of AgroDomain Services and improve their content and layout; Manage and protect information technology infrastructure; Provide targeted marketing and advertising, provide service update notices, and deliver promotional offers based on communication preferences; Contact you at any telephone number, by placing a voice call or through text (SMS) or email messaging; Perform creditworthiness and solvency checks, and compare information for accuracy and verify it with third parties.
  3. Additionally we may contact you via electronic means to notify you regarding your account, to troubleshoot problems with your account, to resolve a dispute, to collect fees or monies owed, to poll your opinions through surveys or questionnaires, or as otherwise necessary to service your account.
  4. We may also contact you to offer coupons, discounts and promotions, and inform you about AgroDomain or its group services.
  5. Finally, we may contact you as necessary to enforce our policies, applicable law, or any agreement we may have with you. When contacting you via phone, to reach you as efficiently as possible we may use, and you consent to receive, autodialled or pre-recorded calls and text messages. Where applicable and permitted by law, you may decline to receive certain communications.

Protection and Storage of Personal Information

  1. We protect your information using physical, technical, and administrative security measures to reduce the risks of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration.
  2. We utilize encryption security standards to ensure the transmission of data to or from you .
  3. For security reasons and to protect the security of your information, access to our various websites is restricted to authorized users only. However, because information about you, your account data and other transactions can be accessed through a public network (the Internet), there can be no guarantee that your account information will remain secure and you accept the risk that unauthorized persons may view such information. If you believe that an unauthorized person has accessed your information, please contact us immediately.
  4. For clarity purposes please note that we do not consider personal information to include information that has been made anonymous such that it does not identify a specific user.

Sharing Personal Information with Other AgroDomain Users

  1. When transacting with others, we may provide those parties with information about you necessary to complete the transaction, such as your name, account ID, contact details, shipping and billing address, or other information needed to promote the reliability and security of the transaction. If a transaction is held, fails, or is later invalidated, we may also provide details of the unsuccessful transaction.
  2. If someone is sending you money and enters your email address or phone number, we will provide them your registered name so they can verify they are sending the money to the correct account.
  3. We work with third parties, including merchants, to enable them to accept or send payments from or to you using AgroDomain’s Services. In doing so, a third party may share information about you with us, such as your email address or mobile phone number, to inform you that a payment has been sent to you or when you attempt to pay a merchant or third party. We use this information to confirm that you are an AgroDomain customer and that such payment is enabled, or to send you notification of payment status. Also, if you request that we validate your status as a AgroDomain customer with a third party, we will do so.
  4. Please note that merchants, sellers, and other users you buy from or contract with have their own privacy policies, and AgroDomain does not allow the other transacting party to use this information for anything other than providing AgroDomain Services, and as such AgroDomain is not responsible for their actions, including their information protection practices.
  5. We will not disclose your credit/debit card number or bank account number to anyone you have paid or who has paid you using AgroDomain’s Services, or with the third parties that offer or use AgroDomain’s Services, except with your express permission or if we are required to do so to comply with credit/debit card rules, a subpoena, or other legal processes.

Sharing Personal Information with Third Party

  1. Data about you that is accessible to you through the AgroDomain Platform, including your personal data, can become subject to the legal systems and laws in force in the country where the data is held, received or stored by you or us. Such data can become subject to disclosure pursuant to the laws of the country.
  2. We may reveal your name and other personal data and other monetary data about you at the request of regulatory agency or in connection with an examination of us as an Organization. This information could be revealed to Internal and external attorneys or auditors, and to others whom we are required to make such revelations.


We may share your personal information with: Members of the AgroDomain company to provide joint content, products, and services (such as registration, transactions and customer support), to help detect and prevent potentially illegal acts and violations of our policies, and to guide decisions about their products, services, and communications. Members of the group will use this information to send you marketing communications only if you have requested their services. Financial institutions that we partner with to jointly create and offer a product. These financial institutions may only use this information to market AgroDomain related products, unless you have given consent for other uses. Credit bureaus and collection agencies to report account or credit information, as permitted by law. Banking partners as required by credit/debit card association rules for inclusion on their list of terminated merchants. Companies that we plan to merge with or are acquired by. (Should such a combination occur, we will require that the new combined entity follow this Privacy Policy with respect to your personal information. If your personal information could be used contrary to this policy, you will receive prior notice). Law enforcement, government officials, or other third parties pursuant to a subpoena, court order, or other legal process or requirement applicable to AgroDomain or one of its agents; when we need to do so to comply with law; or when we believe, in our sole discretion, that the disclosure of personal information is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss, to report suspected illegal activity or to investigate violations of our User Agreement.

Other unaffiliated third parties, for the following purposes Fraud Prevention and Risk Management: to help prevent fraud or assess and manage risk. Customer Service: for customer service purposes, including to help service your accounts or resolve disputes. Legal Compliance: to help them comply with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing verification requirements. Service Providers: to enable service providers under contract with us to support our business operations, such as fraud prevention, bill collection, marketing, customer service and technology services. Our contracts dictate that these service providers only use your information in connection with the services they perform for us and not for their own benefit.

Other Third Parties with your consent or direction to do so Please note that these third parties may be in other countries where the laws on processing personal information may be less stringent than in your country. If you open an AgroDomain related wallet account directly on a third party website or via a third party application, any information that you enter on that website or application (and not directly on AgroDomain Platform) will be shared with the owner of the third party website or application. These sites are governed by their own privacy policies and you are encouraged to review their privacy policies before providing them with personal information. AgroDomain is not responsible for the content or information practices of such third parties.

Cross Border Transfer of Personal Information

AgroDomain is committed to adequately protecting your personal information regardless of where the data resides and to providing appropriate protection for your personal information where such data is transferred across borders, including outside of Nigeria.


We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent. We may combine your information with information we collect from other companies and use it to improve and personalize AgroDomain’s Services, content, and advertising.

The Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

  1. When you access our Platform or use AgroDomain’s Services, we may place small data files on your computer or other device. These data files may be cookies, pixel tags, “Flash cookies," or other local storage provided by your browser or associated applications (collectively referred to as “Cookies"). These technologies are used to recognize users as customers; customize Services, content, and advertising; measure promotional effectiveness; help ensure that account security is not compromised; mitigate risk and prevent fraud; and to promote trust and safety across AgroDomain Services and related sites.
  2. Users can freely decline our Cookies if the web browser or browser add-on permits, unless our Cookies are required to prevent fraud or ensure the security of websites we control. However, declining our Cookies may interfere with your use of our websites and AgroDomain’s Services.

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