Designed to support agro-cooperatives...

Product Features

  • SMS & Email Notifications Alerts for Offer Bids
  • Unlimited Offer and Product Aggregation
  • No Transaction Fee
  • Unlimited Active Offer Listing
  • No Prior Approval Required for Offer Listing
  • Unlimited Internal Offer Listing
  • Unlimited Agro Funding Request & Listing
  • Unlimited Member Request Listing
  • Unlimited Membership Registration
  • eWallet payment and transfers
  • Cooperative Dashboard
  • Member Dashboard for Internal Offer listing
  • Dedicate Key Account Manager
  • Extensive Cooperative Hierarchies’
  • Member Farm Data Aggregation
  • Dedicated Coop Store
  • Customizable & Branded Webstores in Multiple Countries
  • Multiple Currencies Support
  • Premium Support
  • Featured Products
  • Access to Potential Customer Data
  • Access to Potential Member Data
  • Access to Market Analytics
  • Featured WebStores

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The Agro Coop is designed to support various tiers agro-cooperatives and groups in enlisting new membership as well as organizing and managing such members. It provides the capabilities for cooperatives to aggregate product demands or supplies at different levels for eventual fulfilment in a most cost efficient and transparent manner while enabling the consolidation/ integration of production and marketing entities in agriculture to achieve economies of scale and stronger presence in markets.

Agro Coop facilitates farm data collections, maintenance of central registry, improved training, support for business planning, market analysis as well as the monitoring of geo-referenced service delivery. It also enhances access to suitable financial services to farm groups – particularly smallholders – and agricultural Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as a way to increase agricultural productivity and income.