Designed to host vast and extensive agro-allied product...

Product Features

  • Over 48 product categories & sub categories
  • Offer / Bid creation
  • Negotiable & Firm Offers /Bids
  • Secure Negotiation & Counter Offer Processes
  • Ewallet Payment System
  • KYC Processes
  • Digital Contract Process
  • Delivery Confirmation Process
  • Dispute Resolution Process
  • SMS/Email Notifications

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This is a self-service agro-allied trading platform that drives agricultural transactions by providing market linkages between and amongst various value chain actors and enables the buying and selling of a wide range of agro-allied product categories. It empowers platform members with the tools to list Firm or Negotiable Offers/Bids, carry out negotiation via a counter-bidding process, make and receive payments via an Agro Purse, arrange for logistics and confirm delivery, provides linkage between farmers and commodity aggregators / processors and accommodates direct transactions between farmers and off-takers across the agricultural ecosystem.

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The solution also provides participants with the tools for better insights and planning and to make direct orders from farmers without the intervention of middlemen, thereby smoothening the procurement process. The Agro Marketplace is designed to host vast and extensive agro-allied product types across diverse agro-allied industries.