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Goods In Transit 12% premium
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Goods In Transit

12% premium

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  • INSURANCE - Goods in Transit Insurance
  • 12 months
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a mistake can happen when transporting your farm produce. insure your farm produce for transport and logistics accident,

Can You Cancel Policy Yes( any time in writing but with penalty charge)
Documents to be provided Cover Note for that particular transit, Original delivery note, Supplier’s invoices, Packaging List, Surrender salvage to us for appropriate disposal, Watchman statement or witness statement where bearer of the money is accompanied
What Is Covered Fire to the carrying vehicle, Accident to the carrying vehicle, Hijack of the vehicle, Riots and strikes, Policy Operates during loading & unloading goods
What Is Not Covered Loss or damage in any other circumstances other than those specified above, Loss attributed to willful misconduct of the participant, Ordinary leakage/loss in weight, wear & tear, Loss arising out of insufficient packing, Loss caused by inherent vice or nature of goods, Loss of market due to delay, Your policy cover will normally run for the period specified in the policy document, You will pay 10% of each claim subject to a minimum specified in the policy document
Other Conditions Report immediately incident occurs